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Live Happy. Live Free. Live Life. 

We believe each person deserves to be happy, experiencing a sense of freedom, and living a life of passion, love and creativity.

We question the norm of stress, illness and unhappiness. It seems so many have gotten used to a life that lacks fullfillment and have begun simply tolerating this life of suffering.

Through the guidance of modern spiritual teacher and guide Corey Sheikh along with a team of wellness and lifestyle experts we provide services that assist you in re-igniting this passion for life.

Sheikh's infinite teachings takes you to completely new experiences of life with profound directness, energy and conviction. Giving you back your power to CHOOSE the life in which you are destined to live. Taking from all spiritual paths, sheikh has curated what works and what does not. What is applicable to the modern way of life, and what is no longer useful in practical day-to-day life experience.

Where To Start?

Much of Sheikh's teachings from various events and other content are on Social Media. Follow him on the main social networks to get live updates, exclusive teachings and more.

From here, the next step is to sign up for exclusive access to a free series of introductory teachings which will give you a foundational understanding of his main approach of teachings, along with access to many of our intro course and ignition programs.

The Story

The Teachings

The Vision

A Journey of Awakening. A Vision of Service 

Sheikh, A spiritual visionary, teacher and healer bringing forth his message and new world paradigm vision of peace, abundance and love through various initiatives and projects. He brings together ancient wisdom and modern living into a practical, yet bold approach to living the middle path of enlightenment.

He believes we are in a time to walk the middle path of Self-Realization and Self- Actualization. The path of enlightenment and the path of creation. Recognizing that our highest potential resides in the middle point of both as we step into our destined inner and outer freedom.

Sheikh and his team are focused on providing services that cover the full spectrum of wellness of body, mind and soul. Guiding you through your journey of transformation and awakening. Giving you the tools that are necessary to achieve your deepest goals.

Hello, I'm Corey Sheikh - Founder of INFINITE Life

Sheikh works 1-on-1, in small and large groups with individuals looking for change, leaders, visionaries, healers, entrepreneurs and creatives to connect back with their true essence. Realizing their highest potential and stepping into their path of creation to serve others and the world at large.

He believes we are ALL leaders and capable of the impossible. We simply need the right tools, environment and guidance.

Let us journey together through the exploration of my various services.


good words. good people.

  • “I have been working one on one with Sheik and attending his group classes since February 2016. He has helped me achieve mental clarity. He has not only helped me realize my purpose but has guided me towards it and helped me step into it. He has been a mirror that has allowed me to recognize my own power and potential. Meeting and working with this man will not disappoint. ”

    Jasmine MooreFounder at Jasyfit
  • “Sheikh has been one of the most impactful teachers that have come onto my path. It was completely synchronistic the way it had happened but since then Sheikh has shared with me wisdom, insights, but mostly ACTIONABLE steps that have allowed me to advance on my spiritual journey. Through emotional healing, meditation, and basic step-by-step teachings I have been able to reveal my true path that has always bene available to me.”

    David PareFounder at Young Pros
  • “Sheikh has helped me work through daily stressors and larger issues from my past to help better myself and help me follow my heart. It is amazing how much I have been able to accomplish having let go of a lot of things from my past, and how I can now pursue my dreams without a weight on my shoulders. I still have a lot to learn about myself, but I am much farther than where I started. I am enjoying my journey in life, and Sheikh has helped me reach my full potential throughout my journey. I am incredibly excited for what the future brings and am very happy to have Sheikh alongside me. I am eternally grateful for the assistance he has provided and continues to offer me.”

    Rebecca VaughanFounder at Body By Beci

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