AWAKEN – The Book

A book that depicts a journey of awakening covering the complete spectrum of modern spiritual topics. A revolutionary manual that expedites the journey of modern seekers and sets the stage to a new paradigm of awakened living. Direct, no BS to the point spiritual truths that reveal an array of teachings, perspectives and systems from a variety of traditions. A balance point of ancient and modern, east and west, science and spiritual. This is the new age manual we have all been waiting for.

– Sheikh.



A Manual To Include The Topics Of:

1. The most direct path to realizing endless & eternal peace,love and bliss.

How to release from all suffering, depression and unhappiness and achieve endless peace, love and bliss

2. How to unlock a stream of endless creativity to fuel financially supporting yourself in this modern era.

3. ALL energy healing modalities summed up in supreme simplicity.

How to learn a super simple Energy healing modality that can truly heal ANYthing, without spending thousands on “healers”.

4. How to navigate the corresponding nature of Mental Illness & Spiritual Awakening

How to understand Mental Illness from the perspective of spiritual transformation and how this will release you from the prison cell in Mental Illness creates.

5. The use of Psychedelics and the spiritual path – popping the new age bubble.

How to cleanse yourself from the addiction to psychedelics and the need for more and more “spiritual” peak experiences. And how this will result in you getting exactly what you want from them.

6. The Myths ( and fall ) of the New Age version of Enlightenment

How to free yourself from the false teachings of New-Age culture and take back your spiritual freedom.

7. Mastering the Emotional Guidance System – Your Doorway to Manifest Anything.

How to Master the Emotional Guidance System and as a result have the capacity to manifest any experience that is in alignment with your greatest good.

8. Living in alignment with Cyclical Time Dynamics – Synchronicity, Deja Vu and cyclical time.

How to live in alignment with your natural cyclical time rhythm, and how this will manifest an exponential increase in synchronicity, deja vu and epiphanies.

9. A Complete Way To Health – The Journey through almost every style and type of diet/eating..(or lack thereof) – and its affect on the Spiritual Path.

How to know the exact diet in which will assist you on your spiritual journey, setting the foundation for endless peace & bliss.

10. Sacred Relationship &Sexuality,and its power transform sex within intimate relationships The final teaching on Sex

How to understand this teaching in its completion

11. The sacred combination and healing powers of music and ecstatic dance/movement, and self expression

How to use music, sound expression and ecstatic movement to feel completely free and painless in your body.

12. The complete system for understanding your personal 
incarnation matrix( the blend of astrology, numerology, myers briggs, & Human design)

How to completely understand your personality traits from top to bottom, having a clear understanding of all of your strengths, weaknessness, desires, goals, dreams, pain points and basically the complete bible on YOU.


Set To Be Released – FALL 2019

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