I assist individuals connect with their purpose, unlock their potential and step into a world of peace, love and awareness.

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heikh is a modern spiritual teacher, speaker, healer, writer, meditation & movement instructor. Sheikh has one singular mission. Supporting those who are willing to the realization of eternal peace, limitless creativity, balanced wellness and unconditional love for life & all others.

In 2016, Sheikh Founded his second wellness venture, INFINITE Life, which is a central hub for supporting individuals in the realms of heart centered entrepreneurship, holistic healing and a modern model of self realization in which he calls the INFINITE Teachings. A method in which draws on his direct experience in the fields of Advaita vedanta, yoga, tantra, energy healing, nutrition, neurology, movement, sound healing, martial arts and meditation.

After attaining self realization through the grace of his teacher Ramaji. Sheikh . provides spiritual, relationship, & wellness coaching in 1-on-1 sessions, workshops, and retreats.


  • 15 Years of Martial Arts, Fitness, Health, Wellness and Spiritual Practice
  • Disciple of Himalyan Kriya Yoga Master – Yogiraj Siddinath Gurunath
  • 5 Years of teaching Meditation, Fitness and Martial Arts Classes
  • 5 years Apprenticing with various Wisdom keepers, Master Teachers & Healers in spiritual and wellness fields.
  • 4 Year Reiki Practitioner
  • Co-Founder of the Ottawa Lifestyle Center
  • Co-Founder of INFINITE Life
  • Production, team management, creative direction, marketing and consulting on multiple brands, companies, and projects

Types of Sessions Provided:

Spiritual & Life Guidance – I focus on bringing you into this non-dual space of awareness in which acts as a means to connect to your “higher self”. Through this connection we are able to guide through any confusion or obstacles along the journey by answering specific questions and bringing you back to this pure space of awareness. This session flows very intuitively and matches you exactly where you are at on this journey.

Emotional Clearing, & Energy Release – In this session we focus on the specific energetic or emotional wounds / blocks that are held within the body and subconscious. First we look to identify the core patterns, limiting beliefs, held traumas and energy blocks that you are currently holding. From there, you are guided through a release process in which gives the opportunity to release the held emotional block within the body. This opens up for a deeper sense of freedom, ability to take clear and concise action, and openly receive love.

Relationship Healing & Completion – As an extension to the Emotional clearing, we at times can focus on specific relationship healing that is required. Through the teaching of “The ONE Relationship” we find that all relationships are a mirror of our own projection. Reflecting back to us what we most need to see about our-selves. Acting as an opportunity to look within and feel into the energy and emotional resistance to specific people or circumstances that we have experienced with them – We generally begin with the familial relationships and work outwards.

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