Awaken Ottawa Update & 2019 Forecast…. with some other Musings!

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I am writing this in a format similar to how things normally flow, an accumulation of a number of different topics – energized and assimilated in a way for one to come into a large amount of data and wisdom in a short period of time.

The period we are in, like every year is a potent time. It is filled with many crossing over energies, that prepare one for the shifting into the next calendar cycle.

Solstice, Christmas, New Years – there are a number of energetic focuses that open one up to endless possibilities for transformational catalysts.

This year in specific, there really is a foundation being created, for shits that will last many, many years. The times we are in are calling for added clarity, power and love – for one to sink into clear intentions, actions and manifestations.

It is a time of a 4 month window, that really will set the foundation for the next couple of decades.

If that is not something to get ones attention… welll.. 😀

With that, I will dive into some topics that are flowing through this body, that are relevant to this times, those who are likely reading this, and so on 🙂


Christmas, Holidays and Becoming Neutral To The Changes In the Calendar.

When true awakening happens, everything begins to neutralize and balance out.

In simplicity what this means is that because one becomes persistently more blissful, balanced and at peace within themselves, and in one’s own body, outward things (of all sorts) lose their importance, interest and “better or worse than” energy.

Things that one may generally have been really excited or attracted to, or things one was repelled by, both lose their charge.. so to speak.

With that, when it comes to the traditional calendar, to the common folk, the main hot points – Christmas, New Years, Summer Vacation and other religious societal or cultural hot points – much of this becomes far less relevant or seemingly as important.

It is not that one becomes apathetic to the celebration of what many enjoy, it is that life all the time is a celebration. Each day, each moment is a vacation, it is a special moment, it is a joyous celebration, expression and expansion into life itself.

One does not wait for some special day, gathering or point in time as a excuse, doorway or opportunity to be more of what they already are. One simply becomes this all of the time. They are rested in this joy, this celebration, so that as these moments in time come, they can further this intention exponentially.

The times of Christmas can be bitter sweet for many. The truth is, what these times point to, is pure LOVE itself. Pure love that abides in CHRIST consciousness, which is the harmonized light that exists within each individual. The destiny and divine birthrite of each individual who is sincere, eager and willing to do the work to see themselves in truth 🙂

How is this done?

By beginning NOW to treat all as equal. Each moment one subconsciously attaches to a label of “good and bad” energy on top of specific circumstances / moments, they continue to spin this wheel of running from pain, chasing pleasure.

As one becomes surrendered to a devotional life, to see all as “divine”, all as “love”, all as “god” – they progressively begin to burn away the addictions to the moments in which continue to further perpetuate the egoic mind, and instead begin to rest in the divine itself.

It is the highest application of “fake it till you make it”, except this is nothing of the sort. If anything it is the complete opposite. It is the willingness to see through all falsehood, all fakeness within oneself, all untruth. To see where one is holding on to conditional based love, acceptance and joy. So that they can return to an endless, eternal Joy, right here and now.


The Balancing of The Divine Masculine and Feminine – The theme of 2019

For much of this time, during the uprising of many who are within the process of Awakening – the conversation has been about the rise of the divine feminine. A time where all ancient cultures have pointing to the inevitable balancing of the feminine energy on the planet. A planet that had been dominated by masculine energy for a very long time. A time where we would return to the earth, to nature, to creativity, to the foundation of inner rest, well being and self- love.

In the midst of this, and among those underway with this process, there is a balancing that is now emerging.

For the feminine to be in its power, the masculine must also be as well, and vice verse.

They are in essence to sides to the same coin.

It is in this current times that the rising of the divine masculine energy to come and meet the feminine is the current theme.

IN many Twin Flame readings on Youtube – which I usually have not watched, but recently have come into my field – have been pointing to the truth of the theme of the divine masculine being initially threatened and taken a back by the feminine power in these times. This new found power that the masculine has not had to deal with for some time. A power from the feminine that the masculine has to get used to and come to balance with.

The masculine is now being called into that place of balance. To match the feminine, for the king to match the queen, and for both to be strong alone, and even stronger together.

This does not need to relate to male and female based relationships – this is more accurately pointing to the masculine and feminine dynamics within oneself.

To find ourselves at the precipice of what is to be a true catalyzing and action oriented upcoming year in 2019, it matches these energies that are apparent. A call for the masculine to rise on the balance of the feminine which acts as a support of love. If one is not coming from this place of balanced love, compassion and being – the creation or manifestation will falter and inevitably collapse. It is really that simple. Creation comes in a spontaneous and detached way, when balanced and rested within the essence of pure being.

This is the theme of 2019.

A year which will call for immense action, and which will be a foundation here for many years to come. For this foundation to be unmovable unshakable it is to be rested on the infinite nature of being, on the dark empty void of the feminine, the infinite womb in which this universe really is.

It is in the rest of this knowing, that we truly are empty – (the universe is 98% dark matter) and that from this knowing, creation can happen in a playful and flexible manner.

This relates with the statement I AM HUMBLE, YET KNOWING. – A Foundation of fluid humility is what opens up for the focused and straight action of knowing.


Awaken Ottawa Project

Naturally, as all is in its proper timing, again, these words are to be a pointer back to the experience I am having.

The project here at Awaken Ottawa, is aligning with the core of this foundational time. Creating a physical and energetic foundation for the frequency of individuals who are aligning with the message flowing through here, and the natural collective convergence happening among many individuals at this time.

The intention with this new paradigm space is to act as an ongoing evolving blueprint of what it means to hold the pure energy of source, heart center and conscious living based intentions. All under a roof that resembles the temples of the east, and the typical gathering spaces of the west. Representative of the balance point between masculine and feminine, east and west, modern and ancient.

The unfoldment of the space so far has been taking its time, naturally, and progressively.

The people who have been coming together to support has been a reflection of this spaces intention and those that match this vibration.

With over 400 coming into the doors so far, we have a community that is speaking through action.

It has been an intention to be patient and to not compromise on things that I know can manifest through persistent action and clarity.

For me, this is a continuation of the first lifestyle center project from over 2 years ago, it is the result of years in primarily solitude of meditation and deep seeking.

Coming to a place of inner balance, assimilating and finding clarity within the many teachings that I have come across in this life.

From this place, the question of how a space of this nature can provide a balanced, non dogmatic and simple approach to those on the path of awakening – or those simply curious and attracted to the vibrant, welcoming and loving energy in which the space represents.

The truth is, happiness, complete wellness, full-filling relationships, abundant creation, and living a path of true service to others and the source within is inevitable and a birth-rite for whoever is willing to accept this.

It is not for the special, the select or for those who are some how separate than the rest. Any and all have the capacity to live these intentions NOW, if they so choose.

This is the offering of Awaken Ottawa.

On a very practical note, the curriculum that is being developed is supreme. In my view the core of the offerings of meditation, connection based sessions, ecstatic dances and our food & detox offerings are already making massive shifts within individuals on the path. This space, and teachings held within it is for REAL 🙂

Already the lessons have been many.

This time has been one of coming into the momentum of leadership among a team. It has been over 2 years that I have had any responsibility in leading a larger team again, so this has been something to get accustomed to, and in that providing lessons around the requirement for clear communication, vision and sharing.

Our crowd-fund and open communication about the means of support for this space has been an experiment.

We have been working on a video to launch with the second phase of the campaign – it is done – we are here now launching our new crowd-fund video which I feel really encapsulates the clear intention and truth behind this vision.

Watch HERE

A space that certainly covers all the bases, and looks to be a landing spot for people of all ages, with the simple intent of living from the heart, coming into wellness and surrendering to the path of awakening.

The video launches the second phase of the crowdfund where we will have an additional 3 weeks to raise the funds required to cover the costs of the renovations and documentation efforts that we have to bring an eye to what we are doing, and provide a blueprint for many along this path around the world, and support those who are also desiring to create something of similar light.

There has been a few hundred people through our door so far in the first couple of months of having consistent events throughout our soft launch, many coming to connect with this guided intention of supporting individuals along their path, providing the proper resources that one would need to further unfold in an accelerated and efficient matter to a place of truth, clarity, understanding and love.

The development of this space using a core system we have been calling the Love Exchange, is simply a new approach to non-profit, donation based, barter and pay what you feel system. We have been quite flexible in our openness to give way for those to determine what they contribute to the space for their participation.

It has been a test of trust, faith and transparency. One that requires education within the community, so that all who come in contact with the space understand that, although this is our approach, nothing is FREE within existence though all is truly a gift. That gift is to be paid forward through the essence of service. Service to the center itself, its teachers, the community members and ones surrounding companions in day to day life.

The purpose of doing it in this way is to energetically open up the freedom of exchange and give the power back to the individual I have noticed that yes at times one may take advantage of this system. For instance they will spend 10$ on a premium coffee and then give little to nothing for an event, yet another who may not even have much means, will give far more then they would traditionally be able to, simply because they were committed to service, and the intention behind supporting this space.

It all, always balances out.

I have lived this life as a personal example. Living off of mainly donations, gifts and a flow of resources that come at the right time. An ongoing demonstration of faith and a devotion to a life of service.

Now, the truth is, the undertaking of this project is quite large. The financial requirements to maintain this space and be of highest service to the community are vast. It will be a regenerative support to its community and the projects within it through the support of each person who comes in contact with this intention.

This center is a continuation of where I left with the last one.

Many lessons were learned in the first Rodeo of running a space of this nature, and finding the balance point within many things. This continuation is a natural reflection that the path can never really be escaped.

The time of 2 years of solitude, healing and re-balancing in some ways represented a very necessary aspect to my path, and likewise it opened up the reality that no matter how far I went, how I long I waited, or how much I potentially was fearful of creating a new center again… that simply it was to occur… again.

All that has and will need to be faced to bring a center of this to life in a balanced loving and intentional way is arising and being brought to clarity.

For a time, distance and separation from the person who is closest to my heart, in my life partner Reyna has had to occur. She has been the reflection of how I am coming into balance with this creation. This time a part, as an opportunity to find clarity of my own inner feminine, that of creativity, balance, love, compassion, gentleness. Qualities in which I had not necessarily used to create the first space of this kind. Qualities that have emerged now, to provide a new found care for this new center and the individuals within it.

This is not simply a business. Some may view it as such, as a meditation, cafe and lounge space. In many ways, this is exactly what it is. At the same time, this space is an extension of a way of being, a new way (or in some sense an anciently old way) of life – in which the center acts as a physical hub for.


The closing of a chapter and the Release of My First Book.

The nature of my path has led to this time where all has been in a sense closing up.

This is in many ways the theme of the transitional point into 2019, a closing of chapters and a laying of a new foundation.

Some of you are familiar with the details of the vastly extreme path I have walked in many lights, specifically when it comes to the path of personal development, healing and spiritual awakening.

Over the many years this has unfolded, at a relatively quick pace, I have been documenting the majority of these unfoldment’s.

This past year, much of this seeking came to a close, as the rest of being emerged. This has caused a shift in all aspects of life. Purging out all that was no longer aligned, useful or a match, energetically to the path that was unfolding.

It has been in many ways like a death of deaths. It is everything one could ask for, as well as vastly painful.


With already a good 70,000 words completed, I feel I am in the last stretch to complete my first book that goes through each many stage I have experienced, the lessons, tools, teachings and pointers that have assisted along the way.

I have held off on this book for some time. I had observed that my desire to get it out, was at times more influenced by so many others writing books and putting material out, that from my point of few was clouding and confusing many well-intention-ed seekers.

Spirituality and Personal Development is very much a big business at this time, and I was not interested in putting something out that did not hold itself to very high and impeccable integral standards of energy, knowledge and wisdom.

I feel it truly will be a revolutionary piece on the path that gives a balanced, sometimes a bit… spicy… and humorous look at the vast topic of what we call Awakening, a bit of a vision of what I feel is to come in the next few decades as we unfold into unprecedented times.

With this it will touch on some specific topics within the spiritual awakening “space” that I have generally held off at speaking about. In preparation of this, it has really been an approach of putting on my “political” shoes and sinking into a balance with some of the perspectives that may turn some heads…

This book in many ways will act as a manual, vision board and intention piece for future centers and other projects interconnected with this network.

It is my intention to have this book ready for early to mid 2019.

You can pre-order within the crowdfund campaign as well HERE


Now we come to the doorstep of some next steps. I write this as we prep for 2-3 weeks of renovations to get the space ready for a more official grand opening.

Many of you I know are in times of transition, change and conscious creation.

I invite you to intentionally celebrate with us in Ottawa for NYE, along with our upcoming Awaken Your Potential Gathering – 2019 A Year of Dreams.

This will be a comprehensive retreat where we will bring together a vast array of intentions and accelerated tools to set you up for a year like never before, and a foundation for decades to come.

The principles do not change, yet the speed and efficiency one can come into truth can be expedited by the times we are in.

For those that feel the call, and are in alignment with that wave, here we are.

All details for the retreat are HERE.

The January Schedule for Awaken Ottawa

Prepare yourself! We will have a packed schedule of offerings for January that builds off of the main consistent flow of events that have been working so far.

We will also be launching our core Meditation and regular class schedule that will have daily classes for well-being and spiritual awakening.

The Conscious Plant Based Cafe is also underway with its foundational elements – so look out for a daytime and evening space to be social, connect and nourish oneself!

Deep love for all of you here on the path, and taking time to read this and check in 🙂


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