How To Heal From Past Family & Generational Trauma

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In light of Canadian Thanksgiving coming up, many will be amongst family members and close friends in very intimate fashion. A time for further expanding authentic connections, love and embracing those who are closest. For many reading this, “healing” being at the forefront of awareness. One is a bit “fragile” in their space of healing, feeling a bit “raw”, being around those in which remind you of these wounds, traumas or conditioning can be a challenge.

This post is to support you with this, and the family / generational healing in which is so important for one on this path.

Family goes beyond blood, though there is something important to blood relatives, specifically immediate family when it comes to one’s “healing” process.

When we dive into the concept of “Generational Healing” there is a recognition that traumas, conditioning, beliefs and emotional blocks are actually past down, generation to generation through the DNA / Energetic code. Science is now proving this.

Generation to generation we are passing down unresolved emotional blocks and traumas that are stored within the energy system, endocrine system and within the entire chemistry within the body.

Emotions are being linked to various subtle smells and scents that come off the body ( in which we unconsciously pick up on, animals even more so), proving the nature of the chemical makeup that is a reflection of the unseen world of energy/emotion.

As one becomes aware, awake and conscious to their experience of life. Naturally this is a result of one releasing built up emotional blocks within the anatomy. This release results in a new found awareness to the choices making up one’s life..

When we inquire to the source of many of our wounds, we can find them almost solely resulted through our relationships with other people.

The most important and profound relationships are simply with those we have spent the most time with, or have some sort of chemical / energetic bond. This generally narrows it down to our close family, our sexual partners, or friends we have had for some time. Though, these blocks, trauma of course can come from anyone at anytime.

When it comes to family, our parents are the primary source of much of our conditioning. In our world today, many of our parents also have had unresolved emotional experiences, and thus with that, naturally pass this down.

The reality of our current world experience is the virus of “conditional based love” which has spread for generations. In this time of transition, this conditional based love is being seen for what it is, and many are facing the facts of their mis-treatment during childhood.

Conditional love is the source for ALL relationship suffering. The root cause for many of the traumas one has experienced and has not resolved. As of course, the healing mechanism of these traumas IS UNCONDITIONAL love. If one was never taught this, how can we expect them to HEAL?

Initially, blame comes fourth with those close family members ( mom & dad being the first targets). All in the light of the anger & frustration of this new found awareness. Seeing the poor treatment, the conditioning one has picked up, or the more severe trauma that was inflicted.

Many times, one goes through rounds of wasted energy, by not transmuting the anger, but using it as fuel to projected this feeling ” I was wronged” back out at the others who of course also had this done to them. (A result of generational trauma being past down).

Because of this, one delays the healing process to make progress, due to still one’s attached to the drama, just in a different way.

One slowly beings to recognize the power in leadership, and their opportunity to take responsibility for the healing that is necessary ( and has been for many generations). It is here where the courage to jump into the fire of these emotions, feelings and uprooting traumas is realized. One quickly sees that this is the most beneficial thing one could do, as the initial changes in their relationships of all types begin to transform. Further phases of needing to ignite an even more profound level of courage due to the intensity of the emotions being released continues to be required.

Though one sees the light at the end of the tunnel, the core of the onion… one can intuit that this clearing process will not last forever. It is simply a result of the procrastination of many generations, in which now is being stopped completely from being further past down.

One now sees the importance of their work, the service they are being, as they quietly do their healing work, inevitably healing all of those around them.

This piece of willingness and responsibility is really the only requirement for any sort of healing. It is the only requirement that matters.

The reality, is the body wants to heal itself naturally. The body is always looking to bring itself back into homeostasis. Thus if one simply “gets out of the way”, this healing can take place.

I outline this in depth in our 5 Day Conscious Relationship Mastery Course. & A Live Session Next Week!

You will be walked through a specific healing process in which works into everything that we have just spoken about.

Mapping out the entirety of unresolved emotions that are being held, and the tools to release from them.

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