Just BE Who You Are. Resolving the Paradox of BEing and DOing.

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In essence, this is the only desire of any individual. To Just BE what one IS and has always been. To be one’s natural self.

Now oneSELF points beyond the false self one identifies with. The changing self that is identified with the changing thoughts, feelings and sensations in which make up the human experience. We are pointing to the pure unchanging ONE Self. Pure Awareness.

For one to uphold the idea the belief in the false self ” I am an individual, a person in a world” one cannot just BE. This is not because if one is BEing, they are not DOing (a misconception of the teaching), it is because for one to believe themselves to be the individual, all in which one is acting upon, must be identified with.

The Pointer of JUST BE, is the effortless existence in which all deeply desire. A life in of no push or pull, as there is no hard or rigid center-point in which holds anything in place. There is no “individual” to identify with any action. Because one is free from this false identity, one’s sense of BEing does not leave when one is involved in DOing. Thus the action of BEing or DOing as separate concepts is resolved. One is at ONE with existence flowing with existence as it arises. All of life is spontaneous and in aligned response with the highest of the moment.

The basic logic of this, is that within the relative existence of this world. The perpetually changing nature of choice and consequence, action, or DOing, is ALWAYS happening. Even if one is attempting to JUST Be.. by maybe.. meditating, looking spiritual, being peaceful.. one is still acting and DOing, are they not?

This is the reason why the Mind has such difficulty grasping this pointer. It cannot.

A supreme pointer or method for one to be at rest in this direct knowing of JUST BEing, is to simply DO, Absolutely Nothing.

Now, notice where the mind jumps off to when this statement is intellectualized. One imagines it as being lifeless, still, in meditation and not involved in anything of the world or the human experience.

Though to be very direct, detailed and specific, all we are speaking of when using the pointer to “Do Absolutely Nothing” is ONLY in regards to the question ” How does one, Just Be?”. This direct pointer of not DOing anything to just BE, points to the effortlessness of what Just BEing actually is. Of course if one cannot DO anything to Just BE, then BEing is one’s very nature. BEing is all one can ever DO in the most authentic light. Just BEing is the very foundation of all authentic and aligned DOing. Using the term “Aligned” as a representation of the natural spontaneity when one has dropped the mind as a means to direct their life, and is aligned back with the natural flow of existence.

Thus one flows with life, exactly as it arises. Meeting life with a complete open heart, void of a “person in a world” identification, that is open and willing to act & DO as it is called. One is flexible, fluid and filled with Grace. Dancing with life with no push, or pull, simply living and breathing this aligned rhythm.

Can you see that BEing and DOing are not seperate. That ALL of existence within the relative world is DOing. ALL is action. Even sitting and DOing Nothing is a DOING!

Just BEing is represented perfectly like a feather in the wind. Like Water in a river. Like a Flower sourced as a Seed in the Earth. The subject (feather, water, flower) can ever only BE what they are. By way of this authentic integrity to their nature, they manifest always as what they are, though the infinite creativity of the environment (wind, gravity, sunlight) they are expressed in different ways.

When the wind picks up the feather moves, as it slows down it becomes still. At no point was it not still just at rest as a feather.

Water simply moves with the momentum of the river, moving around debris, rock and the geography, moving simply where gravity takes it. Always remaining as it is.

The flower starts as a seed, with the nourishment of the earth, water and sun, it naturally blooms as the time is right. Always yet remained as what it always is.

No matter how far “off the path” one goes, one is still always BEing who they are. The mind has simply taken hold of objects, attached itself to them and has identified with them deeply. From the authentic seeing of what one actually IS, this never threatens one’s sense of BEing.

To flow with life in the effortless knowing of only BEing what one IS, does not require anything. As this is the only reality that is actually ever occuring. How could one not BE who they are, if that is what one IS?

How silly is it to believe that one needs to strive or DO something to BE what one is?

Could it simply Be that one’s mind does not understand what one IS. That one’s very nature is the happiness, love and bliss in which is sought out within objects, people, places and things. That one’s mind has been filled with education, ideas, beliefs and expectations by the environment, conditioning them to believe in that in which is not real.

The entirety of one’s seeking path, the entirety of-ones quest to know more about oneself would utterly be destroyed if one was to accept that they have always BEEN what they have sought out.

One could say from the Mind’s point of view, this way of living requires a deep level of willingess, courage and surrender. Of course, this is only applicable within MIND. For many, Mind, is believing in that in which is unreal, as real, constantly. The illusion is seen to be real, one believes in their fantases and hallucinations about life.

In this case, yes, it will seem difficult, filled with fear, as a natural response to the Mind losing its grip on what it believes life to be. All emotional charges in the body, that have been locked in place, are being up rooted and completely released forever. As this “process” of being “undone” occurs, one finds themselves in experiences where they feel they are not Just BEing. That they must do something again to return to this space of Just BEing, yet it is only because the intensity of the emotional charge, the samskara, the karmic energy that is being cleared, clouds the view for some time. In clouding the view, the mind becomes confused, it uses this as an opportunity to battle the teaching of Just BE. It believes that one can progress or not progress along this path to Just BE. Yet, as hard as it tries it cannot win. One is always and forever JUST BEing. As one surrenders all control of life, through a complete embrace of all in which desires to arise within ones life, one can flexibly and fluidly flow through life untouched, unscathed, unscarred. As the idea of one’s individuality ( ultimately ones mind) dissolves back into itself. Revealing this timeless truth of BEing as the only reality ever existing This is complete freedom. This is true liberation. This is what all seek.

DOing from this place is purely spontaneous and free. The intelligence of existence just HAPPENS as a natural response to life. One becomes simple minded and simply is peacefully attending to this moment, to here, to NOW. From this place, all moments are fresh, all is deeply appreciated, all is ALIVE. Only love can be experienced here. One follows this bliss, joy and love as it takes them through the miracle of life in a never ending stream of experiences.

There are many techniques to support an easier time in being able to live this message of “Just Be”, though in a sense, one will always need to let go of these training wheels for one to truly experience the freedom of maturing into what Just BEing truly is.

This message today is to release the weight off your shoulders, to point you to your very nature, to bring you back to where YOU truly have never left.

Deep love.

Just Be.


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