Some Musings as A Manifestor – Current Energies, lessons and strategies to live at PEACE as a Manifestor.

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I have been led to start blogging about Human Design more. Specifically about my experience being a Manifestor. The desire is to expand this writings further to whatever aligns in accordance with this system, crossing over with others over time. This writing goes into quite a number of different points / angles, so bare with it. I feel you will get what you need.

If you are not familiar with the Human Design system – you can watch this interview I did  with a friend and expert in the field HERE. This article will flow easier for those that are more familiar with the system.

I respect the system as I do many others, I look tto communicate a balanced perspective that assimilates this system with others I have and ongoing work with. Related and unrelated to what I term ones “personal matrix” – which is simply the makeup of ones unique design, psyche and energy field. I hope for these blog posts to be a positive pointing tool for others who are studying and actively using the system in their everyday life.

The Flow of Being A Manifestor

As a 6/3 Emotional Manifestor (which lately I have been calling the double Manifestor) life has been an interesting ride. Naturally, my path has aligned with the typical tendencies of this profile, authority and type and HD has given be a good foundation for understanding the nature of my expression.

Lately I more and more have been aligning with what feels most at home, and natural to my being, inevitably resulting in deeper peace ( the signature of the Manifestor) and an ability to get more and more clear – through the aloneness – of initiating from that deep inward place of emotional power.

Like all times in my life, the most fulfillment has come in my times of being able to initiate the clear innovative, creative and solution based actions that start bubbling up over time and through the surrendering of the emotional process become clear.

The observance of these emotional cycles has opened up a flow of waiting out any peaks and valleys (they tend to move much faster and efficiently at this time) and created a habit of giving way for initial excitement to pass before any further consideration. Like for any emotional authority being, this ability to wait is such a gift. It is a true test of maturity, to let things settle, and give way for the ease and natural flow of creation to take its course from a place of clarity, abundance and confidence.

Interpersonal Skills

Due to my already straight forward nature (like most manifestors) this adds more of an ease in communication, so that individuals do not feel the intense energy that comes with an emotional rebuttal or perspective that potentially has not yet settled before it comes fourth. A source of much pain in the past, and recently balancing in a way that provides ease for all.

An aspect of observance that many manifestor’s comment on, is our inability to stay within long conversations that lack direction or with any purpose. Naturally in a world of many generators – or reflectors who are getting pulled into that energy- these situations are constant. In my current space of being deeply devoted to the initiation and momentum that is being created with our ventures up here under the Awaken Center Ottawa umbrella, there is less and less patience for inefficient (in my view) conversation that I am not initiating or connected to due to my initiations.

This naturally leads to more of a desire to be alone ( even among a team and large community that is beginning to grow) to gain clarity on next initiations and areas of improvement, growth, development and expansion. As much as for some this may be an overwhelming idea, though when there is enough time for this alone time, to be at peace, to rest, to see the vision clearly.. it is deeply rejuvenating and provides such clarity and power to serve at a higher capacity.

Natural self judgment of selfishness emerges at times, which comes from the empathetic nature and desire for all beings to feel at ease. While, also coming to a place of balance that if I am able to release myself from these situations more consistently, or to direct through my ability to initiate a new direction of conversation or into a required output for the projects at hand – then I am being of highest service – otherwise the natural rage of the manifestor subtly arises that has no patience for drawn out involvement in such situations.

The more unapologetic one becomes, the more welcoming others are and understanding of the nature of the intensity of a devoted and well focused manifestor energy. Now being a 6/3 I have found this to be exponentially expanded, due to the almost erratic / chaotic nature that is present, that can be aware of many different verticals of action simultaneously. Or the ease of getting bored / simply being done with specific areas of interest quite rapidly. Thus once I have received or understood/ experienced what was necessary in a specific interaction, to me it is complete. It is my duty to initiate this completion and move along, to save time, breath, energy and keep the easy and positivity in the interaction.

Its Application As A Spiritual Guide / Coach / Visionary

Naturally like all things there is a balance, yet even in the dynamics of being a spiritual guide / coach. I have found that the style in which I have is certainly different than the typical projector / reflector who generally would be on paper “better” suited for this role – however I have recognized that anyone can be anything , it is simply to the degree in which they are aligned with their profile/ authority/ type etc. that determines the outcome of their performance.

Typically as a coach, some of the best attributes would be to ask questions, and being in that space of receptivity so that a student could potential ‘vent’ , express their truth, or share what is present. Although this has been a common theme in the past, there has been a more recent shift where this is less of an interest, and also, more results have been manifesting through the clarity of initiating the conversation or guidance based on what is arising form within, what is intuitively being read about the individual, and what is naturally unfolding within the energy as a whole. As I can get a read on this, I can very quickly and rapidly share what is of highest good. From there it is up to the individual to absorb and take the appropriate actions as they desire.

All of this has led to a clarity in the power and fulfillment of leading initiations in projects in small and big ways. Being a part of the movement of a community that has me less involved with all of the “people” from the perspective of always having to be sunk into “people things” when really, the strength is the ability to pierce into something that is beyond what most can conceive, almost robotic like, and guide / initiate / move based upon this code.

Many manifestors may seem to lack empathy, when really, they are simply tuned into something completely different, and why they are able to do specific things that no other profile can (and vice versa)

A simple example of each individual to be true to their type in whatever type of scenario they are diving into.

Manifestors Among Other Profiles

An interesting dynamic in which has been present is the observance of the importance of the balance of other profiles around the manifestor (or any type for that matter) – there are certain dynamics that can benefit for specific reasons and at specific times. Currently, in the seeding of new projects, the reflector energy has been quite obvious and necessary to support in deep clarity of specific initiations and to also guide the “waiting” of the emotional waves which is a masterful element of the reflector since their design is meant to “wait” a full 4 weeks before decision making. This has been deeply helpful.

Generators naturally fulfill the role of getting things done, which in current times has been the transition into as more and more “tasks” are required to be fulfilled (at-least in this business setting) which naturally calls for projector energy to begin managing the movements of the group as a whole. Something I can already feel to be quite important…. like now… (YES PLEASE :D) – for those who don’t get the joke – projectors are great at people management and people things. They have the energy and are much more compassionate in that way.


To Wrap It Up….For Now.

The more one is willing to be authentic to their inherit Human Design, naturally they will be more open and willing to be among others in a co-creative setting and trust in each individual providing a specific role and angle of value within the greater whole. As I come to deeper levels of understandings of this, it continues to reveal itself in group settings time and time again. It is is an important step in each of our growth to understand further dynamics of the “personal matrix” that we each have, no matter what system one is using. Further self-inquiry and contemplation brings a wider empathy for how each of us are governed by conscious and unconscious forces.

Now a perfect example of all of this is simply how this article has come out. The idea of writing this style of flowing blog post on this topic has come up numerous times this week. I simply kept letting it settle until tonight, on a Friday where I had some peaceful alone time, I could open up and write all of this in a matter of 30 mins or so. The intense power, clarity and ease in which opens up for it all. It is also a bit “chaotic” in it does not have too much structure, covers a number of points, yet still drives points home… 6/3 manifestor style. Ah… so funny.

.. Some may be wondering about all of this project stuff I am pointing to – well if you are not in the loop – we are creating an Umbrella project of a number of things, specifically for now a new ” Awaken Center” which in my view is a new paradigm community hub – up here in Ottawa Canada. It is a space focused on awakening ones full potential. Which is encompassing a broad range of offerings, services and further projects that are in alignment with many of the things I speak of on this site and throughout various channels.

The project is here:

We also have an indiegogo crowdfund that has just launched – any amount can be contributed to support! – go HERE

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