The Best Tools For Complete Emotional Freedom

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My intention is to write an overview of the tools that have supported me the most in the process of emotional completion / release/ wholeness/ Detoxification.

I have traversed pretty much the entirety of the core systems, tools and methods in the “new age” , spiritual and personal development scene to see what was really the most efficient and effective.

At the core, the level of willingness, devotion and intensity to desire TRUTH above all else by the individual is what is going to make most of the difference. Naturally, as this increases, the validity, value and power of the tool will come to mirror it – and you will likely come to similar tools such as these. I will list them here.

Of course these are the methods that are being used in conjunction with the lightening of the diet / detoxing / fasting….

1. The Natural Elements: We start here, because it is what we are made of. To demonstrate gratitude for the elements is the highest of manifestation practices (as all of life is made of them) and when it comes to emotional healing & completion it is the same. In simplicity

  • Sunlight in the pineal gland – In the daytime, close the eyes and look at the sun (be careful) – or near sundown – it is safer to look at the sun with eyes open (last 30mins-1hour of sunlight – again be careful/mindful)
  • Barefeet grounding or hugging a tree (in an African tribe it is common for elders to tell those facing emotional challenge to simply go hug a tree.)
  • Taking a shower, swimming in a lake, stream river etc.
  • Various styles of breath – generally in and out through the nose in a slow way as consciously move the emotional energy through the body
    • My FAVORITE style of breathwork is incorporated in TAI CHI – watch this training video HERE

2. Awareness – Emotional Energy Alchemy Method – This is a method I developed which I have shared in this group already. It is simply a tool that I created after spending 1000s of hours using other methods and working with 100s of people seeing the effects of what works and what doesn’t. It is not so much different than some other processes out there, or what you may do already. I feel like I’ve simply refined it in a really profound way. Really the process of giving unconditional silent presence to the FEELING sensation in the body (trigger, emotional charge, dense energy) and being with it, moving to the core of it, and naturally dissolving it or guiding it to move. All emotions really want (like children) is our silent attention, presence and unconditional love. This is done with this method — here is a 2 hour Introductory Course – my GIFT to you  HERE

The entirety of this method can be learned fairly simply, the key is the ongoing practice and guidance through the “thick of it”.I’ve put together the pieces for a core facilitator program that brings this method together in a comprehensive way. It has been the core piece on my path of navigating intense emotional waves.

3. Proper Social Environment and a FEW key relationships. Whether it is a good friend, teacher, mentor, guide, someone who you naturally can be around or in the energy of in a consistent way – is highly important. Simply by osmosis you will take on the traits of what you are looking to manifest and accomplish. This is empowering – it is not required to have “many” people around you, simply a few who hold the frequency of your intention.

Who is this person for you?

4. Liberation The Remedy – Some in this community may know of this, most may not. I stumbled upon this remedy last year before getting involved with helping them distribution (yes I am on their team as a disclaimer – no this is not a “MLM” ) – the key with mentioning this is that ever sine I got away from Psychedelics I was very picky as to what i would take as any sort of supportive tool, to the point where I was really taking nothing outside of food and drink. After seeing the results of this tool on myself and many others, it become more and more clear of its power and integrity to do exactly what it is meant to do… help move stagnant emotional & energetic debris.

It is an old Tibetan alchemical remedy that had the formula revived by a South African Homeopath. This remedy works on releasing emotional and energetic patterns in the body… and boy does it do this. The beauty of it, is that it is quite gentle. It is not like psychedelics or anything comparable yet it is a profound tool that brings up situation in the walking or dream world for processing. I’ve gone through 20 or so bottles and it still is doing its work – yet at the same time I’ve never felt Dependent on the remedy as if I “HAD” to take it.

For more info on the remedy go HERE

5. HUMAN DESIGN – Understand your human design profile – This is like Astrology,  IMO more accurate and applicable to your ways of being and conduct. Having insight on how your profile works and the natural flow of the proper way for you to interact in the world, is a beautiful thing. It simply opens up a natural flow of expression, action and interaction with others that is void of resistance. This was a game changer for me in being integral to my type and living in alignment with it.

Watch a video more in depth aboiut this system – it has changed my life, I know it can change yours! – Watch HERE

6. Dance & Musical Expression – They are intertwined in so many ways. Ecstatic Dance was a key in the healing of my 14 year spinal injury. Becoming an Ecstatic Dance DJ took things to a new level as I looked to explore my musical expression potential, and specific music from my own voice in the form of chanting, shamanic icaros and mantra.

There are TWO chakras that are outward facing – your sacral (where most emotion initial arises in the form of sexual / creative energy) – and the THROAT – the throat is the higher expression of sexual energy – it is how we create in this world.

Using the voice to express, sing, chant and tone is such a potent way to move sexual/ creative/emotional energy and transmute it into higher energy and power. So many times I have felt tired, or down, and then I chant / tone for 1 hour and all of a sudden I am filled with balanced energy to continue about my day.

As a side piece – speaking in video, writing a blog, journalling in your personal notes are other ways to move the expressive force of voice that are quite profound methods

Be mindful of what it is you are chanting, expressing, toning, speaking as your words are your WORLD 😀

6. DETOX + FASTING: This post was originally posted in a detoxification and fasting group, so this was not included. For those that are not practicing the lightening of the diet (which is kind of hard not to if you are walking this path), or the path of detox / fasting – this is a call to action to start. Intermittent fasting and simply making small adjustments to the food intake is the first step. Its the approach one can take to slowly see the benefits of what happens when the digestive system is not putting all of its energy on digestion. All of sudden the body (on multiple levels) has an opportunity to heal.Paradoxically, as one goes into fasting and detoxification work on the physical level in relation to food, this is when MORE emotions tend to arise. So using in conjunction with these other tools AND going at a pace that is mindful to where you are actually at, is deeply important. To move at a balanced slow pace is generally going to be better long term than fast and eradic. Easy does it.

I’ve written a complete article on this HERE

7. There are TWO others that I do not speak of with everyone as they are more advanced and quite sacred. So I generally like to share these with people I’ve connected with personally or who I know are really applying things like the above on their path, those who have taken a deep responsibility for their experience! Always open to sharing them tho, can always message me or add me personally on FB / Instagram.

That seems good for now, maybe I will add to this at some point. I feel these have been the most profound in my experience
If any questions comments or requests , please comment below or send me a message!

1on1 Guidance in all of these area’s is always an option, and a important one (in my experience working with my teachers) – you can schedule time with me HERE
Deep love.


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