The Peace Of A Manifestor (with VIDEO)

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I’ll start with this piece that I wrote which I felt really depicts the Manifestor life quite accurately:


“The peace of a manifestor.

The door to other room closes and silence fills the room.  A perfect weight that can be felt through the entirety of my being.

A relief from the hustle and bustle of generator energy, endlessly moving, reverberating, expanding.

No matter the space, this empty space filling the room feels so at home. Expanded in every direction, this peace is unmatched, this is wholeness, this is complete.

In this endless void of emptiness, fullness, silence, stillness… until the next manifestation moves, and energy creates, we wait, we are surrendered.

This is the manifestor peace.”

mmm, every-time I read this I am brought back to the reference point of this peace. In which at this point in my experiment, has deepened to such a consistency. It becomes so obvious as to when it is out of alignment, and in the body I can see all the differences and contrast from this anger and peace. Of course… we should be able to tell this right?

Unfortunately at times in my experience, anger became the norm, and it was more so a relief from periods of anger in which felt like peace, though were more so the downside of an adrenaline rush.

True peace is different, though when you have felt it, you will know, it will be so obvious to you.

“ah it was right here all along!”


The WAY of the Mainfestor

Now… this was another longer piece that I found on Facebook, such a beautifully written description of the life of a manifestor, which I feel, when reading – both manifestors and all other profiles can feel this peace – having a much clearer innerstanding of the Manifestor way.

This is written by Genoa Bilven:


~ * ~ * ~ *

“Manifestors naturally do things that are original, everything else is a hassle. The hassle aspect stems from the fact that energy is a precious commodity for Manifestors. They use it up quickly doing things with great intensity. It is rare for them to be able to receive energy from others. So, they need to rest and have a great big break from everything and everyone to be healthy.

Manifestors can feel put-upon by nearly everything or anything. Interfacing with others is exhausting. Convention is exhausting and exasperating. Repetition is numbing.

Everything must be efficient or the energy will run out before it is complete.

Nearly every interaction steals their fire and their originality. Yikes! I am painting a dismal picture, but I thought that you might like to know. The only thing that matters to a Manifestor is that one original thing that will come out of them that is a game changer. It will change the world in some small but totally amazing way. Everything else is just maintaining, maintaining, maintaining – boring and depressing.

If a Manifestor is helping you, it is because they want to totally rock your world and turn it into something totally else – to completely remake your world. If they do this, you may feel that you are dying. It can be almost unbelievably disorienting. Manifestors are strong medicine, meant to be taken in small doses.

It may be hard to imagine this kind of reality but your Manifestor brothers and sisters live in that place. They only want to strike like lightning and withdraw. When they withdraw, they push off and impact you. They impact by leaving. They are always leaving, even when they are being there for you. Even while talking to you they are leaving, trying to make their point so they will never have to make it again.

At the same time Manifestor children are the most tender beings imaginable. Gentle beyond thought or breath. They need protection because they are so alone. There is no connection to anyone for them unless this connection is totally without expectation. Imagine for a moment what this might be like. To live like this. To be a child and to be so alone. They are totally alone, except for you.

When you are with them you feel alone, too. Alone on the edge of a planet that has virtually no living being upon it. You, like them, become the exception to the rule. It is a freaky feeling, is it not? Like there is no one else? No one! They are beings who are so ancient, yet nothing they are doing has ever been done before. Even if they are doing what you just did, it has never been done before. They are remaking the world in every second. It is weird and inspiring, but weird none the less.

You can feel how powerful life is when you are just observing it, as though it is happening to someone else. The Manifestor child will stand on the edge of the play and the socializing of the others. They do not need to participate to feel totally involved, overwhelmingly involved. The world and social interactions seem huge and powerful. The Manifestor child is alienated. They are alien. They are tender and vulnerable and cannot join in – not in the same way as others. They feel so close and alone at the same time. They just need your simple understanding of these simple facts. They came to Earth to change the world. Change is scary. It is stressful. It is stressful for everyone, even Manifestors. Especially for Manifestors. They are hanging onto their humanity with the tiniest little thread. You can just stand next to them and hold it with them. You need to be so very subtle. Never place an expectation on them of any kind, and you will be their friend for life. Such behavior is so rare.

Manifestors get hardened through the expectations of others. No one suffers more because of this hardening than Manifestors themselves. Manifestors are naturally tender; let’s do what we can to keep them that way. Ironically, it is through doing nothing that they will feel closest to you. They can feel close to you from a vast distance even when they are standing right next to you. This vast distance is so important to give them because through it, they will be close – so close you can hardly believe it is possible. Closer than your own breath, your own thoughts. This is the secret of Manifestors. You give them space, lots of it, and they will come close to you and love you forever.”

Mmmm so good.


Diving Deeper In The Manifestor Experiment

In now having worked on innerstanding this myself – while now coaching many manifestors in aligning with this energy more deeply – this rings more and more true every time.

The level of depth in which one can come to in refining this innerstanding is so vast, an ever deepening realization.

So first, for those manifestors looking to have an ear & heart to hear them, see them, and simply confirm the natural knowing each have – then send me  a message – or visit my main 1on1 Activation program page HERE

I am here to simply mirror, and if anything ignite in the same way you also have the capacity to ignite. <3

Now, I will leave you with this video I did recently, further deepening into the topic of this Manifestor Peace!

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