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Like many modern new-age terms and concepts, they have been created as a direct result of expanded and at times over-complicated / intellectually based teachings. All based on the ancient texts in which have been translated and interpreted to fit modern times. Many times coming with the typical misconceptions of one who is not yet realized in truth.

There are many perspectives when it comes to spiritual bypassing that will be covered here. Like all things, it is a double edged sword that has its use from one point of view, and is a detriment from another.

If we dumb down the language to its simplest form, Spiritual Bypassing is nothing other than Unconscious Action.

Spiritual Bypassing suggests that one can avoid spiritual lessons by mainly only intellectually accepting or understanding spiritual concepts. Thus by way of this, creating a false sense of spiritual progression that only limits one to sincerely progress along their path.

With this attachment to intellectualizing everything, this naturally results in avoidance of feeling, and an overemphasis on needing to understand, or needing to know “why?”. Ultimately an avoidance of the “only do not know” space in which is the only truth. The SELF in which is not involved in the changing nature of mind and it’s desire to “Know” concepts, simply BEING what it is, with no knowing other than the knowing of itself.

The correct pointer here in which the concept of spiritual bypassing presents, is the avoidance of emotional pain. In essence, this is main point of attention with the entirety of the spiritual path. One embarking on the journey inwards is proving their willingness to feel into the unseen in which perceivably has no tangible benefit to the intellectual mind. In a sense one is blindly following their pain & suffering, until the root cause of it is seen and realized. As a result the bliss of acceptance and the undisturbed peace of The SELF.

In reality, this has nothing to do with only “spiritual lessons” as even that concept is rooted in the ignorance that there are aspects to life that are not “spiritual” , the idea that material is somehow seperate from this. As a result, we come up with terms like Spiritual Bypassing that is somehow differerent than one who is “not spiritual” who has the capacity in essence to do the same thing…..

Simply act, unconsciously.

If there is a lesson in which we truly know will benefit us by involving ourselves in it, then by that knowing one would naturally act in the appropriate manner. Resulting in a lesson learned. Though, in reality, one could only ever learn a lesson in which was first unconscious, thus the idea of one bypassing a lesson is one still rooted in the unconscious space. Many call this spiritual bypassing because one will believe they understand a spiritual concept by merely reading or intellectualizing it.

I find this term altogether however creates yet another ego trap and excuse for one to layer their illusions further, avoiding the inevitable shadow and ego death that is imminent. This is similar to the idea of Self-Sabotage and Self-Love. It is the creation of objectified actions and tendencies in which are inventions of the new age that further expand (and at times complicate) the root idea of “ego” or the “I”-Thought. The “I-Thought” being the root illusion in which creates a separate “person in a world” that is the very source of all suffering. The SELF is not only the individual self in which many call “myself” but rather the totality of existence and everything in it. Inclusive of all “others” and the perceived “world”. When one released from the narcissistic viewpoint in which many on the spiritual have, this is seen clearly.

In reality we could say the entire idea of “spirituality” itself is spiritual bypassing. As one avoids their inevitable surrender to the one Guru/God/Source and moves into Jnana / Self-Knowledge through self -inquiry. Dropping all ideas, concepts, modalities, systems, beliefs about spirituality, and merges the subject/object relationship between them. They then see “spirituality” or “yoga” no longer as a “thing” to be used to get somewhere, but BEING these very “things” themselves. Paradoxically this is only true when the final goal is realized. It can be progressively understood and practiced by way of further destroying the ego / I-thought.

One could say that the overemphasis of “intellectual spirituality” is a result of many things. Potentially an imbalance of imbalanced masculine/feminine energies, likewise an imbalance of not walking the complete path of yoga – Bhakti, Karma, Hatha, Raja, Tantra -all leading to the throne of Jnana.

The importance here, is that one is only ready, when they are ready. As long as various concepts and ideas have use for one on their path, it is to be used. By way of having a true teacher/master/guru to guide one back to the only truth, naturally these concepts/ideas/teachings will be dissolved in the mind.

Only the Self Exists.

When one practices this perception through the means of Self-Inquiry, by way of rooting to the source of every thought, feeling, sensation and movement of mind back to the SELF in which resides in the heart.  By resting here to the exclusivity of all else, the karma of bondage – and its resulting attachment to concepts is destroyed. This is liberation, this is the entirety of what all spiritual paths prepare one for.

The end of suffering.

We are in a time where ancient teachings are getting an upgrade through new translations and interpretations. In reality, all must remember ” There is nothing new under the sun”, no teaching is new, The SELF has always and will always exist as The SELF.

Deep love and blessings.

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